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[2021년]인문가치포럼 2021 _ 특별전 안내

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  • 2021-09-16 오후 3:42:11
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1. 안동포 특별전

  ❍ 일    자 : 2021. 10. 7.(목) ~ 10. 9.(토)

  ❍ 장    소 : 전통리조트 구름에 동재와 서재 



2. 훈민정음 특별전  

  ❍ 일    자 : 2021. 10. 7.(목) ~ 10. 9.(토)

  ❍ 장    소 : 전통리조트 구름에 카페 ON



Building Nature, Wearing Culture, Opening Future


Exhibition Period: 2021.10.7.(Thursday)~2021.10.9.(Saturday)

Exhibition Hour: 10.7.(Thursday)~10.8.(Friday) 10:00~21:00/10.9.(Saturday) 10:00~18:00

Cooperation: Andongpo Exhibit Hall, Korea Foundation for Cultures and Ethics


Andongpo has been here for a thousand years, a place on e can witness the harmony of traditional culture and modern values.


Hemp has been the most widely used fiber for the longest time by almost all human beings in the world. It is the most familiar fabric to Korean people. In particular, Andong in Gyeongbuk has the most favorable atmospheric and soil conditions to grow hemp. It is said that some farms along the Nakdong River during ancient times began to grow wild hemp and started to make fabrics similar to those found in Andongpo.

In cooperation with the Andongpo Exhibit Hall, the Human Values Forum has opened an exhibition of various traditional clothes made in Andongpo, which was hand crafted through hundreds of workers, and daily hanbok, which is reinterpreted with modern senses. These will show the traditional life, joy, and sorrow of Korean women to visitors of the Human Values Forum.


Chapter 1: Building Nature

Introducing the raw material of Andongpo (hemp) and showing the weaving procedure of Andongpo via digital media.


Chapter 2: Wearing Culture

"Harmony between tradition and modernity". Exhibition of daily clothes that combine modern beauty with traditional culture using Andongpo and Musam, Dopo worn by men and Wonsam worn by women, 10 new hanboks donated by Gyeongsangbuk-do, which are intangible cultural assets. These will reinvigorate the value of the traditional culture of clothing.


Chapter 3: Opening Future

Introducing the modernization and future value of Andongpo, which is an eco-friendly textile using natural dyes.




Empathy and comfort, communicate in Hangeul


Exhibition period: 2021.10.7. (Thu) ~ 2021.10.9. (Sat)

Operating hours: 10.7. (Thu)~10.8.(Fri) 10:00~21:00 / 10.9.(Sat) 10:00~18:00

Hosts: Confucian Culture Museum of the Korean Studies Institute, Korea Foundation for Cultures and Ethics


Let us trace back the lives of our ancient sages through Hangeul Documentary Heritage and feel the King's heart for the people through Hunminjeongeum.

King Sejong felt sorry for his people having difficulties because they could not read and write. He created the 'Barunsori that teaches the people – Hunminjeongeum.' At the heart of Hunminjeongeum, we could find the King's love for his people. Anyone could easily learn to write and read to gather information and communicate through written means.  

This exhibition will be presenting books and woodblocks reprinted from the Hunminjeongeum Haerye and Eonhaebon found in Andong with traditional techniques, and the Wolinseokbo from Gwangheungsa Temple.

Also, among the documentary heritage owned by the Korean Studies Advancement Center, we will introduce the stories of ancient sages communicating and sharing their feelings in Hangeul.

 In addition, we hope to share the message of sympathy and comfort through Hangeul novels and literature written by women who have become active writers with the spread of Hangeul.


Part 1; keep the right sound.

Hunminjeongeum Haerye, Hunminjeongeum Eonhaebon, Wolinseokbo, Shinmineongan


Part 2; communicate with the heart.

Jahyuljeonchik (relief of abandoned children), Samgang Haengshildo (Principles in Human Relationships), Oksan Dangsisegye, Hangeul Letters


Part 3; sing of sympathy and consolation

Toegye's Dosan 12 Poems, Fisherman's song, 15 Naebang-gasa, and more.



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